Thank You Wilmington!


I am humbled that the citizens of Wilmington have chosen me to serve on the Wilmington City Council, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.


I believe that our already great city can be even greater, and I look forward to doing everything that I can to make that happen.


Thanks for your support!

Thank you for your interest in my candidacy for Wilmington City Council!


You’re probably reading this because you are someone like me, someone who cares about the city we live in and the community that brings it to life.


I’m running for Wilmington City Council because I love this beautiful and vibrant area, I want to see our families grow and thrive, and I believe that we can make our great city even better.


Our city's growth has pushed us to a tipping point with traffic and population density. We serve as the economic, recreational and cultural hub for our region, but that prominence presents us with new challenges.


Future development will require diligent oversight and Wilmington's complex transportation needs require creative solutions.


I will work with local governments, community organizations, employers and business leaders to identify critical needs and connect them to solutions.


I will work to create avenues of opportunity by ensuring that city money is used towards efforts that will keep citizens working.


Wilmington's growth hasn’t lifted all of us equally, and we must make more effort towards offering all citizens the opportunity to be successful.


I will work to ensure that the educational and job-training resources future employers demand are available to our citizens so that new employers will want to hire local workers.


We are lucky to have a diverse, welcoming community where future employers’ workers will want to raise their families, but we can do more!


I will work to promote additional green space and ensure that all areas of Wilmington are equally served by city services.


I will promote mixed-use development to create affordable, safe workforce housing that meets the needs of median-wage earners and working families.


What we do today affects our grandchildren, and we should be doing more.


I will identify ways that we can invest more in the first 2000 days of our youngest and newest citizens lives, such as childcare, preschool and playgrounds.


My family and I are so blessed to live in this wonderful city, and I am asking for your vote so I can do my part in building a stronger community, and a stronger Wilmington.


Clifford Barnett

Dear Friend,